Nitro Turismo FF

Flow Forming wheel - extra low weight! Modern and sporty multi spoke design, concave in wider applications.

Dark Gloss Gun
OE Nut, OE Bolt, OE Hub, OE Cap, Light Weight, Concave Design, Winter Approved
Dimension Concavity
8x19 38 mm
8,5x19 38 mm
9x19 48 mm
9,5x19 48 mm
10x19 48 mm
10,5x19 48 mm
8x20 38 mm
8,5x20 38 mm
9x20 38 mm
9,5x20 38 mm
10x20 56 mm
10,5x20 56 mm
11x20 56 mm
11,5x20 56 mm

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