For electric and
electrifying cars.

Lighter for efficient energy usage. Balanced for perfect performance on the road. 100% recyclable for reduced environmental impact. We develop wheels that makes your car feel anything but conventional. Regardless of powertrain.

Lighter weight, more power.

Lighter wheels save energy, especially when starting and stopping. That's why we put weight on keeping it low.

Perfectly balanced.

Minimal tolerance to deviation for maximum road holding and comfort.

100% recyclable.

Wheels from Nitro are made of pure aluminium, which can be recycled at 100% when they've finished rolling.

Fit guarantee.

Our wheels are made according to specifications from a large number of car manufacturers, for a guaranteed fit.

Fits BMW iX, Tesla Y, VW ID.BUZZ.
And your personality.

Stand out from standard.

Nitro Throne FF

Flow Forming vanne - erittäin kevyt ja kestävä! Tyylikäs ja urheilullinen vanne viidellä ohuella tuplapuolalla. Myös 4x4 ja maastoautoille.

Nitro Sapphire FF

Flow Forming vanne - erittäin kevyt ja kestävä! Moderni monipuolainen muotoilu.

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